What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a commercial account that enables you to accept credit card transactions. It handles the transferring of funds from a shopper’s credit card to your bank account.

Is there a long-term contract?

We work hard to make you happy – if you let us know what is wrong, and we can’t fix it, BKZ Merchant Services will help you move to another provider. No early termination fees – no contracts. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Which credit cards will I be able to accept?

Visa™ and MasterCard® acceptance are included with all of our merchant accounts. We also have special enrollment programs for American Express® and Discover®. You may request additional cards on your merchant application, or ask one of our representatives for details.

How do I receive my funds?

The funds from your transactions are deposited directly into the checking account you specify on your merchant application.

When do I receive my funds?

Credit card transactions generally take 2 business days to deposit into your checking account. ACH check transactions may take 3-5 business days.

What are the costs for your services?

Because each of our customers has unique needs, our processing services are customized according to the specifics of their business. Typically, we offer a flat percentage of 0.15% in addition to what is mandated by the Bank Associations. This makes it easy for everyone to understand. To receive a personalized pricing quote from one of our helpful representatives, please submit a request for services form and you will receive a prompt response.

How long does it take to set up a merchant account?

It generally take 1-2 business days to establish a merchant account at BKZ Merchant Services. That time may vary depending on several factors such as completeness of the application submitted, accuracy of the information provided, and the processing volume requested.

How do I make changes to my account?

Basic information on your account (e.g., address, phone number, checking account) may be changed by submitting a change request form. Change request forms are available on our site for you to download.

Will my merchant account be approved with a processing limit?

Merchant accounts are approved based on actual or projected dollar volume. BKZ Merchant Services monitors account activity and reserves the right to review accounts at any time should the volume be significantly above or below the level represented on the merchant application.

I already have a credit card terminal. Can I use it to process with BKZ Merchant Services?

In most cases, you will be able to reprogram your existing equipment to use with BKZ Merchant Services. To find out if your terminal is re-programmable, simply complete a request for services form and you will receive a prompt response.

What is AVS?

AVS stands for Address Verification Service. It verifies the cardholder’s billing address in order to help combat fraud in card-not- present transactions, such as Internet and mail/telephone order. This service is only available for credit card transactions within the United States.

What kind of training do you provide?

Complete training and continuing education are available for all of our customers. You will receive initial training, training guides, and user manuals to help you become acquainted with your new product and service. We’ll also provide you with ongoing updates on industry-related rule and regulatory changes.

I am switching to BKZ Merchant Services from another processor. When should I inform my current processor that I will be closing my account?

You should wait until your new account is fully set up to process your transactions through BKZ Merchant Services. Once you’re ready to process with us, you can inform your previous processor. We provide a standard cancellation request here.


Glossary of Terms